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The API for modernReal Estate Marketing

The simplest interface for listing on real estate marketplaces - made for developers.

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Publish with one unified standard

The EstateSync standard ensures the correct and coherent transfer of all fields to the various platform. Set data programmatically using our REST-API.

Supported Platforms
  type: "houseBuy",
  fields: {
    address : {
      city: "Berlin",
      postalCode: "10178",
      publish: true,
      street: "Alexanderplatz",
      streetNumber: "1"
    title: "House in Berlin-Mitte",
    condition: "wellKept",
    purchasePrice: 123231,
    description: "Description Text",
    locationDescription: "Location Description",
    energyCertificateStatus; "on_inspection",
    heatingType: "heatPump",
    houseType: "farm",
    lastRefurbished: 2013,

Automated contact request processing

EstateSync automatically receives request emails from the platforms, processes them and makes them available to your system in a unified format via webhook.

  "id": "12345",
  "targetId": "67890",
  "propertyId": "13579",
  "message": "I am interested in this property.",
  "prospect": {
    "firstName": "Toni",
    "lastName": "Human",
    "email": "",
    "mobilePhone": "+49 987 654321",
    "company": "Sample Company Inc.",
    "address": {
      "street": "Sample Street 1",
      "postalCode": "12345",
      "city": "Sample City"
  "createdAt": "2021-09-15T14:30:00Z"

Best Development Experience

As developers ourselves, we love building tools for other developers. Our goal is to create the best API platform for transferring real estate data - one that just works.

Up-to-date Documentation

While developing, you can rely on our proven documentation guides and API reference.

Events via Webhooks

Receive real-time notifications when listings are published or a contact request is received.

First Class Support

Our technical team will provide you with reliable support and ensure your long-term success.

Intuitive Data Model

Use Properties to represent real estate objects and create a Listing on a Target for each desired marketplace listing. EstateSync automatically takes care of the publication in the background.


Everything Under Control

With the EstateSync dashboard, you and your team can visually trace changes to API resources. All events triggered on the platform are displayed in real time.

We take care of the implementation details

EstateSync replaces the code responsible for connecting to the various platforms, so you don't have to maintain the details yourself.

Publication to Platforms
We take care of the connection to the various marketplace endpoints and the scaling of resources required for transmission.
Translation of Protocols
We take care of the conversion between specification formats such as OpenImmo, ImmoScout24, and more for you - so all platforms receive complete and correct data.
E-mail Parsing
We handle e-mail parsing for error reports and contact requests. All relevant data can be viewed in the dashboard and is forwarded to you in a standardized way via webhooks.
We take care of the 3-legged authentication with ImmoScout24 and the secure management of FTP and SFTP credentials for you.

All the functions you need

  • Unified REST API with OpenAPI v3 specification
  • Appropriate data transmission depending on the platform
  • Account management with several team members
  • Provision of test accounts for development
  • Detailed & up-to-date documentation
  • Live dashboard for setup and debugging
  • Retrieval & parsing of contact requests
  • Error handling and asynchronous notifications via webhooks
  • Storage and preprocessing of listing photos and floor plans (JPEG, PNG, WebP, TIFF, PDF)
  • Simplified OAuth authentication for ImmoScout24
  • Expose links: provision of published listing URL
  • Automated creation of watermarks on images
  • Compliant energy certificate
  • Support of relevant object types with fields for sales and rentals
  • Guaranteed transmission of all stored fields with intelligent fallbacks
  • Individual fields for more complex use cases
  • Creation and publication of contact persons
  • Disabled publishing on ImmoScout24
  • Both automatic and individual assignment of object IDs (External IDs)

What will you build?

Experience how easy it is to list properties with EstateSync. Contact us or create an account directly.