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First Steps

This guide explains how to create your first property in EstateSync.

Create an account

To get started with the API sign up for an account at You will have to verify your email and choose a name for the account. We suggest using separate accounts for your local development and the production environment.

Retrieve your API Key

After seeing the dashboard, click "API Keys" on the lefthand menu. You can use the default key that is already present or create a new one. Click on the clipboard icon to copy your key for later use.

Setup Postman

Most interaction with EstateSync happens through its Rest API, documented in the API Reference. This means you and your application will send HTTPS requests to EstateSync to create properties, targets, listings and more.

Postman provides a convenient way to test APIs and send Requests. We suggest using the tool to make your first requests to EstateSync by hand until you have implemented the functionality in your app. You can easily create an account and use their web or desktop app. Alternatively, you can use curl to make requests using the command line or implement the first request directly in e.g. Python (see the next step).

You do not have to create a collection for EstateSync manually. Just visit the API Reference and download the OpenAPI Specification at the top. This file contains all possible API requests. Within Postman under "Collections" click "Import" and drop the downloaded OpenAPI Specification file in the dialog. Make sure the "Generate collection from imported APIs" checkbox is selected. After confirming, an EstateSync collection should appear in the "Collections" section.

Send a request to create a property

When making requests to EstateSync you need to provide the API Key of your account. This key is used for authentication and identification purposes.

EstateSync uses Bearer Authentication — this means you need to send the API Key with every request in the Authorization header. The value of the header needs to be in the format Bearer {your-key}.

Following are the instructions for the first request depending on your chosen technology:

In the imported "EstateSync" collection under "properties" click "Create a property". The request will already have most of the required data prefilled except your API key. Insert your API key you under the "Authorization" tab into the "Token" input. You can also inspect the payload of the request under the "Body" tab.

Click "Send" when you want to send the request to EstateSync and create the property.

Verifying the property was created

If you received a 201 response the property was successfully created. You can now check the "Properties" section in the dashboard where the new property should have automatically appeared.

Alternatively, you can make a GET request to list all properties of your account. Just check the "List all properties" request in your Postman collection or have a look at the API Reference.

You have now successfully created your first property. Next up is creating a target and publishing a listing.